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Forests of Valor
Israel Television crews found rare archival footage from Soviet military museums that sheds new light on the story of the Jewish underground, the resistance fighters and partisans who fought the Nazis while hiding in the forests of Eastern Europe. We travel deep into these forests to see the Jewish underground's  weapons caches, their hiding places, as well as their escape routes from the ghettos. A h
ighlight of the film is a reenactment of a daring escape by Jewish prisoners and a labyrinth of sewage canals underneath the Vilna Ghetto exposed by former partisans who utilized them in their rescue operations of Jews. This film provides a wonderful perspective on what happened in the forests with groups like the Bielski partisans who are portrayed in the film "Defiance."

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ISBN 1-56082-157-4

52 min., #641, Color, DVD, 1989, $39.95


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