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   Schwartz in Black & White


Maurice Schwartz (1890-1960) had a piercing presence on stage; his was a figure to be reckoned with. Though his New York-based Jewish Art Theater was his first love, he was drawn to the cinema. His film talent was recognized when, in 1991, the Library of Congress chose to add Tevye to its National Film Registry as one of the great American films of all time.

(Tevye der Milkhiker)
The adaptation of Sholom Aleichem's now classic story, made decades before "Fiddler On The Roof," in which one of the daughters, Khave, falls in love with and marries a Gentile.  This intermarriage places Tevye's paternal affection in direct conflict with his deep commitment to religious tradition. With Maurice Schwartz as Tevye. Also starring Miriam Riselle and Leon Liebgold. USA. Directed by Maurice Schwartz. 
"One of the more extraordinary performances in film history."-Soho Weekly News  
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ISBN 1-56082-007-1 
96 min., #742, B&W, 1939, 
Yiddish w/new Eng. subtitles, DVD, $39.95 


Uncle Moses
Maurice Schwartz plays a "despot" who rules his Lower East Side sweatshop with a tight grip in this Sholom Asch classic. Although Uncle Moses comes from the same Polish town, he still exploits his workers. The story becomes all the more complicated, when he falls in love with the daughter of one of his discontented laborers. With Judith Abarbanel and Zvee Scooler.  USA. Directed by Sidney Goldin & Aubrey Scotto.

"Uncle Moses is more than historically important; it is also immensely entertaining."-San Francisco Chronicle

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ISBN 1-56082-100-0
87 min., #753, B&W, 1932, 
Yiddish w/new Eng. subtitles,  DVD, $39.95


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