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Invitation to Yiddish
Have you always wanted to learn spoken Yiddish, but never had the opportunity? Invitation to Yiddish presents sixteen easy-to-learn practical Yiddish conversations for beginners, on two CDs. These recordings and manual can help the learner to understand and recreate the vibrant ideas and ideals which have shaped Jewish modes of thought and living throughout the ages and which continues to enrich Jewish life today.

Developed by accomplished philologist and educator Yudel Mark, with the American Jewish Congress, the tape is accompanied by a 111 page manual, complete with Yiddish text, English translation and transliteration. The words are fused into meaningful phrases and sentences and can be readily learned and practiced. An excellent introduction to a rich and colorful language!     
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ISBN 1-56082-130-2  
2 CDs, 90 min., #740,
with 111 page workbook, $34.95


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