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Bar Mitzvah in Israel
Alex is given a wonderful Bar Mitzvah present- a trip to Israel! Upon his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Alex meets his cousin Guy- who is also about to become Bar Mitzvah. Together the boys tour the country, meeting fascinating people along the way: the popular composer Shlomo Gronich who is rehearsing a song with a group of Ethiopian teens, a scribe who explains how tefillin are made, and others. The story culminates with a joyous Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A must for anyone wishing to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. 

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ISBN 1-56082-169-8
37 min., #880, DVD, Color, $29.95 


The Discovery
Josh Saviano (The Wonder Years) plays twelve year-old David, who is in the midst of preparing for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah.  Plagued by concerns about the impending celebration, as well as doubts about his own Jewish identity, playing baseball seems to David a lot more worthy of his time and energy.  As the story unfolds, teachers, friends and family members try to tackle David's many questions as he comes to better understand his Jewish heritage and what it means for him. We, too, find answers to many of our own questions. 

"An evolving journey...This video will help your child resolve what it is to be Bar Mitzvah."-Rabbi Elliot Schoenberg, The Rabbinical Assembly 

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ISBN 1-56082-107-8
58 min., #870, DVD, Color, $39.95 

A Secret Space 
David Goodman, the son of determinedly secularparents, stumbles into an abandoned synagogue being reclaimed by a group searching for Jewish meaning in their lives. To the dismay of his parents, he becomes increasingly interested in his Jewish roots as he is welcomed by the community.  As he approaches his Bar Mitzvah, David finally seems to be comfortable as a Jew.  With Phyllis Newman, Robert Klein, Jon Matthews and Virginia Graham.  Directed by Roberta Hodes. 

"Praiseworthy...the conclusion is as amusing and thoughtful as all that has gone before."-Philadelphia Inquirer 

"A Secret Space should be mandatory for young Jewish parents."
-The Jewish Post 

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ISBN 1-56082-070-5
80 min., #411, DVD, Color, $39.95 


The Journey: Bar Mitzvah/Jewish Identity
Leningrad, 1939. A Russian Jewish youth is about to turn thirteen and a visiting American, not terribly knowledgeable as a Jew, is placed in the uncomfortable position of preparing the youth for his Bar Mitzvah.  This drama provides for a timeless exploration of Jewish commitment and continuity, while providing a glimpse into Soviet Jewish life.

"The viewer affected on an emotional level by the discussion between the two characters. This video production is well acted and the photography is excellent...It will be a moving viewing experience."
-Video Rating Guide

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ISBN 1-56082-014-4

35 min., #856, DVD, Color, $39.95


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