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Did you ever want to know how to prepare classic Jewish food? The secrets of traditional Jewish cooking, previously passed only from mother to daughter, are revealed for all to enjoy. This DVD will lead you step by step through fourteen delicious kosher recipes, each accessible through a menu. Included are appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts. The newly revised DVD is supplemented by a recipe page online that you can access and print.

With Jackie Frazin and Joanne Pepper.

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American Video Conference Award Finalist


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ISBN 1-56082-393-3

90 min., #350, DVD, Color, $29.95 


Haute Cuisine Goes Kosher
Chef Paul PrudhommeJerusalem was the site for a gathering of thirteen of the world's greatest chefs, who toiled for two days to prepare a twelve course feast for the senses.  The celebration was for Jerusalem's 3000th birthday and yes-there was a catch. Everything had to be kosher! That certainly presented a challenge  for Chef Michel Trama of L'Aubergade who used vegetarian milk for his Creme Patissiere and Chef Joel Robuchon who prepared Creme de Coco truffee without creme fraiche or smoked pork. The documentary follows the fun as each chef, including New Orleans' Paul Prudhomme (pictured to the left and who created an entirely new dish for the event), prepared for the big moment when 350 lucky guests would arrive for dinner.

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ISBN 1-56082-211-2

52 min., #363, Color, $29.95


"It's fun to watch as the chefs embark on a military-like occupation of the enormous kitchen, where each presides over his own eager mini-army of sous-chefs and kitchen aids, some of whom traveled from as far away as Orthodox Brooklyn for a chance to learn under a master of gourmet cuisine, even if only for a day...Beautifully captured. A feast such as this one may happen only once every three millennia or so, but for kosher foodies, it's the stuff dreams are made of."
-The Jewish Journal


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