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   Yiddish Sing-Along

Pripetshik Sings Yiddish!
Academy Award®-nominated director Joshua Waletzky, best known for Image Before My Eyes and Partisans of Vilna, brings us an entertaining new film that celebrates Yiddish culture through song, performed exclusively by Yiddish-speaking children & teens. Executive Producer/Musical Director Binyumen Schaechter provides us with the fascinating history and background of the group, as well as informative introductions to each of the songs.

The Pripetshik Singers, an exciting ensemble of native Yiddish speakers led by Binyumen (Ben) Schaechter, perform classic Yiddish songs as well as favorite English tunes in Yiddish. The live performance is interwoven with interviews with the performers as well as actual rehearsal footage, which together paint an entertaining picture of these talented kids and their love of the Yiddish language.

Featured songs include the beloved “Az der rebe lakht” (When the Rabbi Laughs), “Avremele un Yosele” (Avremele and Yosele), “Yome, Yome,”  “Kh’bin a kleyner tshaynik” (I’m a Little Teapot), “Mu Asapru" (Who Knows One)  and “Lomir geyn tsu dem bolshpil" (Take me out to the Ballgame)." English translations are provided.

So sit back and enjoy the show! Yiddish is alive and well and the Pripetshik Singers would love for you to come and sing along with them!


"This is a film that warms the heart. To hear Yiddish from the mouths of young children!"-Theodore Bikel

"Jewish children speaking Yiddish and singing Yiddish songs: God bless them!"-Elie Wiesel

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VHS, ISBN 1-56082-305-4
45 min., #745V,  
Songs in Yiddish w/Eng. subtitles,
English narration, $29.95


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DVD, ISBN 1-56082-306-2
45 min., #745D,  
Songs in Yiddish w/Eng. or Yid. subtitles,
English narration, $24.95


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