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"Jacob Mendelson is a documentary filmmaker’s dream."-New York Times

Legendary Voices: Cantors of Yesteryear

Cantor Jack Mendelson takes us on a journey to a time when cantors were like movie stars in their communities. Jews would go to synagogue to hear the great cantors, just as others would go to the opera or movie-houses just to see the giants of the day. With the advent of sound motion pictures, Jewish audiences of the Thirties demanded to see and hear the great cantors of their day.  In this unique compilation of cantorial greats, with Jack Mendelson's introductions, we are treated to memorable film recordings
of  outstanding voices of Hershman, Roitman, Katchko, Malavsky,
Shlisky, Waldman, Oysher and Rosenblatt.  A treasured collector's item.
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ISBN 1-56082-390-9

78 min., #765, DVD,
B&W and Color, $29.95




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