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From Toledo to Jerusalem 

Yehoram Gaon, one of Israel's foremost male vocalists, takes us on a magical musical voyage through 500 years of Sephardic history.  The majestic scenery, as well as fascinating historical facts and landmarks are woven together into a rich tapestry of Sephardic culture by Mr. Gaon's warm rendering of melodic Ladino songs. 

"The photography [is] dazzling. Buy this; there's nothing like it on the market."-Video Rating Guide

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ISBN 1-56082-019-5
60 min., #785, Color, Ladino w/English subtitles, DVD, $29.95


Sepharad: Judeo-Spanish Music  
Over 500 years have passed since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.  But despite having been scattered to the far corners of the globe, Sephardic Jewry has managed to preserve its rich musical heritage.  This unusual video enables the viewer to hear and learn about the beautiful Ladino tunes of the Middle Ages, as well as lullabies, wedding tunes, music of the synagogue and songs of mourning.  The video features Eva Pitlick's Vocal Ensemble and well-known singer Mira Zakai.

"The program manages to show the diversity within the Sephardic community, which has dispersed throughout the world, as well as its common heritage. Highly recommended."-Video Rating Guide

Finalist Award, The New York Festivals 
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ISBN 1-56082-122-1 
27 min., #792, Color, DVD, $29.95 



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