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A Trial in Prague
This film chronicles an infamous political show trial that took place in Czechoslovakia at the height of the Cold War. In 1952 fourteen leading Communists, including Rudolf Slansky, the second most powerful man in the country, were tried on charges of high treason and espionage. Although they were innocent, they confessed, were convicted, and most were executed. Eleven of the fourteen were Jews. The story of the trial and the paranoia of the period is told through archival footage, extensive documentation and interviews with key figures, including Jan Kavan, former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose father was also a trial witness. The film explores post-war Czechoslovakia, the role of Moscow and Stalin, and the motives for the trial and its anti-Semitic nature. Home video sales only!

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ISBN 1-56082-388-7
60  min., #126, DVD, Color, $39.95

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