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2,000 Years of Freedom and Honor: The Cochin Jews of India 
Jews arrived in India in 72 C.E., soon after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.  Throughout the years, though deeply loyal to India, they prayed for their return to Zion.  Dr. Johanna Spector's sensitive documentary captures the conflicting emotions of two generations of Cochini Jews-the elderly, heartbroken by the mass emigration of the younger generation to Israel, and their children, who as young parents could only envision a bright future as Jews in Israel.  We explore the religious, cultural, and economic life of the Cochini Jews in their native India, even as we follow the younger generation to a new life as Israelis, who, while fully integrated into Israeli society, still maintain their unique traditions and culture. 
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ISBN 1-56082-197-3
180 minutes, #170, DVD, Color, $59.95

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