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The Fifth Commandment

Director Shimon Azulay came from a "traditional" family, where family unity was always of paramount importance. Now that they have retired, Shimon's parents' world revolves almost exclusively around the children and grandchildren. When the director's brother, Ofer, becomes religious, the delicate fabric that holds this family together begins to unravel. In spite of the tremendous gaps that now exist between their children, the Azulay's struggle to keep the family united. In an era of rapidly disintegrating family values, this moving documentary is a tribute to compassion, tolerance and most of all, understanding.
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ISBN 1-56082-257-0
45 min., #271, DVD, Color, $39.95 

Underdogs: A Sports (War) Movie
The Hapoel Beit She'an soccer team became the pride of its small town when it made it to "the top" of the league.  In 1996, when the team was on the verge of losing that special status, the entire town was in mourning.  The deciding game was against the reigning champion, Maccabi Haifa- and Beit She'an won!  More than a film about soccer, this is about the war between the "haves" and the "have-nots," the small town against the big city, the underdog taking on the seasoned champ. A heartwarming film with a happy ending.

Winner, Israeli Academy Award, Best Documentary
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ISBN 1-56082-208-2 
85 min., #509, DVD, Color,  
Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95 


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