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Jerusalem: Soul of a People
The colorful history of the City of Peace is presented in this unique historical collage.  Utilizing animation, photos and documentary footage, we are led, step by step, from Biblical times, through Jerusalem's stirring past into its exciting present. Jerusalem has maintained a special place in the hearts of the Jewish people.  Learn why!

"An appealing evocation of the religious significance of the very stones of the city of Jerusalem."-Video Rating Guide
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ISBN 1-56082-008-X
30 min., #232, DVD, Color, $29.95


Sites Unseen: Off the Beaten Track in Jerusalem  
Planning a trip to Israel and you need some ideas of where to go?  There is so much to see in Jerusalem and so little time.  Here is a video guide to the little-known sites in Jerusalem.  Not only are we introduced to these unique places, but we learn of their history, often through rare archival footage.

"The production is technically well done...a useful tool for prospective visitors to Israel."-Video Rating Guide 
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ISBN 1-56082-011-X 
45 min., #224, VHS only, Color, $29.95


Jerusalem Potpourri
Going to Jerusalem or simply interested in knowing more about the City of David?  Learn firsthand about many of the exciting places to visit, while at the same time learning more about Jerusalem's fascinating history.  Visit the new Biblical Zoo, the tunnel along the Western Wall, Yemin Moshe, excavations in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and so much more.

"This video goes a long way toward looking at a side of Jerusalem seldom seen."-Video Rating Guide
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ISBN 1-56082-124-8

28 min., #234, DVD, Color, $29.95


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