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An ambulance, traditionally viewed as a rescue vehicle, becomes filmmaker Janusz Morgenstern’s symbol for the Nazi horror that destroyed millions of Jews. Though unable to offer his students physical resistance and protection, a teacher offers them spiritual resistance. Modeled after the hero Janusz Korczak, the adult Jew maintains his dignity and comforts his students until the bitter end. As the children and their teacher are driven away, the viewer is left with their haunting images.  This “discussion starter” video is accompanied by a study guide by Dr. David Roskies.

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9 min., #665, B&W, DVD, $24.95


Flames in the Ashes  
Using testimony of eyewitnesses and recently discovered film footage, this video explores how Jews in innumerable ways resisted the Nazis.  The voices of those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust, both murderers and resistance fighters, tell the story that defines the differing dimensions of Jewish resistance in Europe before and during the War. Produced by the Ghetto Fighters' House in Israel.

"A powerful film, crafted with skill and sensitivity.  The viewer is engulfed from start to finish."
                      -Chaim Herzog, Former President of Israel

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ISBN 1-56082-033-0
90 min., #631, B&W, DVD
Hebrew and Yiddish w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95 

Forests of Valor
Have you seen the movie "Defiance"? Rare archival footage from Soviet military museums sheds new light on the story of the Jewish underground, the resistance fighters and partisans who fought the Nazis while hiding in the forests of Eastern Europe. We travel deep into these forests to see the Jewish underground's  weapons caches, their hiding places, as well as their escape routes from the ghettos. A h
ighlight of the film is a MORE
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ISBN 1-56082-157-4
52 min., #641, Color, $39.95


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