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Lingering Memories

Documentary filmmaker Howard Zuckerman focuses on a neglected but important aspect of the Holocaust —the way various countries have depicted and distorted the methodical mass murder of a people. Post-war German amnesia, Austrian efforts at ignoring its role in the Jewish Genocide, and previous French obliviousness to its own Nazi collaboration are explored. Additionally, the film explores how America, Holland, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria have presented the Holocaust and World War II in education, mass media and the arts. American artists George Segal and Judy Chicago, along with several German and Austrian artists, are interviewed and their works are explored. An indispensable historical and educational tool in helping understand the Holocaust and its aftermath.
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58 min., #662, Color, DVD, $39.95

The Last Sea   
When survivors of the Holocaust realized that they had neither a home to return to nor families to welcome them, thousands set out on the perilous journey to the Land of Israel. They traveled by truck or by train, many went by foot over the Alps; they had to cross the sea aboard dangerously overcrowded ships. The faces of the witnesses are never shown, only their voices are heard, as they retell stories of survival and redemption. 

"Gigantic in scope."-Elie Wiesel 
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ISBN 1-56082-055-1 
90 min., #632, B&W, DVD, 
Hebrew and Yiddish w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95 

Return to Life

The end of World War II marked a time of elation. But for the Jewish refugees across Europe, it was not so much a day of celebration, as it was a time to consider the enormity of the disaster which befell them. The film depicts their valiant efforts to rebuild the shattered fragments of their existence, to accustom themselves to freedom, and to search for their homes and families as they attempted a return to normal life.
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ISBN 1-56082-147-7

60 min., #642, Color and B&W, DVD 
Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95



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