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Visualizing Memory...A Last Detail
Peter Kleinman, a native of Czechoslovakia, was deported in 1941 to Auschwitz.  He was subsequently selected for forced labor at Gross-Rosen, from where he was sent on a death march to Flossenberg.  This unique educational video is composed of five vignettes: The Fallacy of Race, Appropriate Memorials, Liberation, Moral Responsibility, and Thinking Critically.  Using Peter's experiences, these topics of both contemporary and historic relevance are thoroughly examined. Do we know what the term prejudice really means, or has it become merely a clich‚?  Should Auschwitz function as a museum to remind us of the past- or is it being reduced to a bizarre tourist attraction?  These are some of the questions raised by this thought-provoking video, produced in conjunction with the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre.
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ISBN 1-56082-203-1
53 min., #601, Color, DVD, $39.95
With pedagogical guide, $49.95

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