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Little America: The Flourishing and Destruction of the Jewish Community in Mezritch, Poland
Jewish life began in Merzritch, Poland in 1511. A modern and prosperous Jewish town, it was nicknamed “Little America” between the two World Wars. On the eve of the Holocaust, 17,000 out of the 20,000 citizens of Mezritch were Jews. Approximately 200 survived the war. Micha Friedman and Ephraim Sidon take us on a fascinating journey through the economic, cultural, social, and educational life of the community. With the help of archival film and photos, as well as numerous interviews with survivors, Mezritch comes back to life as it once was. But, alas, it is only for a brief moment - for today, Jews no longer reside in “Little America.”

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ISBN 1-56082-273-2
55 min., #678, Color, Hebrew w/English subtitles, DVD, $39.95


Triumph of Survival 
The Holocaust was never discussed in the Rubinstein home. Every story ever told had a happy ending. That was until Naomi Azar's parents took a trip back to Hungary. Accompanying them, camera in hand, the filmmaker captured her parents' until then untold stories of suffering, courage and indomitable will to survive. From her parents, we learn of the constant struggle between nostalgia for Hungarian traditions and their anger at their fellow Hungarians and the tension between the need to erase the effect of the Holocaust on their lives and the need to remember. The filmmaker also reflects on her need as a member of the "second generation" to realize the effect that the Holocaust has had on her, while appreciating the happy and normal family that her parents established in Israel. A warm and sensitive film about a family who chose life.

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ISBN 1-56082-252-X
63 min., #613, Color, Hebrew w/English subtitles, DVD, $39.95


Sorrow: The Nazi Legacy 
A group of six Swedish teenagers, two of whom are Jewish, embark upon a journey to Auschwitz in an effort to try to comprehend the incomprehensible.  A preliminary visit to Wannsee, where the implementation of the "Final Solution" was determined, sets the stage for the teens' pilgrimage.  Yet no amount of intellectual explanation of the facts as they occurred can adequately prepare the group for their own emotional reactions after having spent time in Auschwitz.  A meeting with one of the camp's survivors, proves to be at once full of pain and sorrow, yet full of hope for the future.  The pilgrimage comes full circle as the group returns to Stockholm for a meeting with the son of a high ranking Nazi official. They struggle to comprehend,  "How could all this have happened?" 

"Especially relevant for high-school students who may also want to screen The Wannsee Conference."-Booklist

Selected Videos for Young Adults, American Library Association 
International Emmy Award, Children & Young People 
Honorable Mention, 1994 Columbus Int'l Film/Video Festival 
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ISBN 1-56082-117-5 
33 min., #646, Color, DVD, $39.95

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