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    The Middle Years 

Three Days and A Child 
Old and new relationships are explored in the film based on the classic story by A.B. Yehoshua.  A young man returns to his kibbutz after army service, to find that the woman with whom he is in love, has married someone else.  Then, one day, his former girlfriend asks him to look after her son for three days. Oded Kotler received the "Best Actor" award at the Cannes Film Festival for his lead role.  Also, with Illy Gorlitzky and Shuy Osherov. Mature Audiences. Directed by Uri Zohar. 
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ISBN 1-56082-206-6
105 min., #510, DVD, B&W, 1967 
Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $49.95


But Where is Daniel Wax?
After many years of separation, two men, a successful doctor and a popular singing star who returns to Israel from abroad meet at a high school reunion.  The film provides a telling commentary on Israeli society, much the way The Big Chill did about America.  With Lior Yaeni, Michael Lipkin and Esther Zevko.  Directed by Avram Heffner.
Museum of Modern Art selection: New Directors/New Films series 
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ISBN 1-56082-005-5

95 min., #534, VHS only, Color, 1974
Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95


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