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     Realizing the Dream

They Were Ten   
This first feature length film made entirely by Israelis, sensitively recreates the establishment of a nineteenth century settlement in Palestine by ten Russian Jews.  These early pioneers not only undertook the tremendous task of building the land, but also had to contend with both Arab resentment and the Turkish military.  With Ninette, Oded Teomi and Leo Filer. Directed by Baruch Dienar.

"A graphic and absorbing picture...the film has a quality of fervor and authenticity."
-New York Times
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ISBN 1-56082-072-1

105 min., #521, B&W, DVD, 1961 
Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95

Ben Gurion - An Appointment with Destiny
This newly restored feature length biography traces the life of David Ben Gurion from his early childhood in Russia up until the death of his beloved wife, Paula. Melville Mark's production is structured in the form of memory flashbacks as Ben Gurion takes his daily walk in the desert. These flashbacks are made all the more exciting with the use of authentic newsreel footage interspersed between dramatic sequences. Highlights include pioneering days under the Ottoman Empire, the Declaration of the State of Israel, the War of Independence, the consolidation of private armies into the Israel Defense Forces, the controversial German Reparations Agreement and retirement to Kibbutz Sde Boker. This film is a monumental testimony to the spirit and vision of Israel’s first Prime Minister. Directed by Israel Prize Winner David Perlov.

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ISBN 1-56082-237-6
103 min., #270, Color and B&W, DVD, 1968, $39.95

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